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Fundusol’s mission is to empower farms with solar energy. We leverage data-driven crop modeling, a vast network of experts, and conversations with clients to tailor-make Agrivoltaics systems that integrate seamlessly with their operations. Every farm is different. As a result, no two Fundusol systems are the same.  

Our design process ensures that crops are shaded by the panels just enough to reduce heat stress and irrigation needs while still producing high yields.



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Simultaneously, our systems generate more energy due to the cooling effect of the crops underneath the panels.

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Our simulations save millions of dollars and years of waiting associated with pilot projects. They were developed, implemented, and validated by experts from the world’s leading computer science institutions such as Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University.

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Design Approach

How do we design our system?

By iterating over thousands of possible systems and modeling the performance of each one, we pick the best agrivoltaic design for your priorities.

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For Farmers

Who are our systems for?

We involve ALL stakeholders in our design process. The priorities of both farmers and developers guide our system design to facilitate streamlined co-located crop and solar energy production.

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For Developers

Why ‘agrivoltaics’ system design?

Fundusol can help you break into the nascent agrivoltaic market. Our system design helps you get through permitting by designing systems that comply with agricultural land use ordinances.

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