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If your company has faced roadblocks in the land acquisition and permitting phases of solar development, we’re here to help.


Key Challenges for Solar Developers 

    Land Availability: Suitable land options are hard for solar project developers to come by due to competing agricultural and conservation demands. Our solutions optimize land use efficiency, allowing solar projects to thrive even in areas with restricted land resources.

    Cost and Design Complexity: Our team simplifies design complexities by providing optimized design solutions and effective cost reduction strategies, helping you achieve profitability.

    Increasing Regulations: Navigating the evolving landscape of local, state, and federal regulations is daunting. We offer comprehensive support to keep your projects compliant with regulatory requirements, ensuring smooth approvals.

Harvest the Potential of Agrivoltaics

Here are some of Fundusol’s offerings that can provide strategic advantages to your projects when developing agrivoltaics sites:

Preliminary Analysis

Clients ask Fundusol to evaluate a set of sites for agrivoltaic viability. Fundusol coordinates expertise from farmers and agronomists with results from geographic information system (GIS) analysis to create a scorecard that reflects the agrivoltaic viability of any given site.   

Crop Selection & Planning

Clients come to Fundusol with a system schematic, and we build a plan to incorporate agrivoltaics. We model dozens of crops grown at various configurations under the array. For each crop, we determine the yield, water consumption, evapotranspiration effect on panel performance, temperature, humidity, and irradiance across each possible growing season and crop layout. We recommend crops, crop layouts, and growing seasons to clients based on the results from our simulations.   

Agrivoltaic System Optimization

Clients come to Fundusol a desire to build an agrivoltaics system from scratch. Fundusol determines solar schematic (height, azimuth, inter-row spacing, inter-array spacing, tracking logic, and overall solar layout) and agricultural plan (crop(s), crop layout(s), growing and season(s)) that maximize the net present value of a project. This can be designed under constraints (i.e. minimum and maximum allowable heights) and with the objective of maximizing any outcome (i.e. crop revenue or solar energy production or a weighted value of the two).   

Grazing Insights

Grazing is the most popular form of agrivoltaics, and Fundusol adds value by increasing visibility into such vegetation management contracts. We build sheep and cattle vegetation management should cost models, simulate the forage productivity of various grasses under agrivoltaics systems to select the most optimal seed mix, model the effect of agrivoltaics on sheep and cattle milk production and weight, while continuously building out new grazing capabilities to answer our clients’ most pressing questions.  

Further Consulting

Fundusol leverages expertise in agrivoltiacs to answer the hardest questions facing clients entering and innovating in this space. We are a team of researchers and entrepreneurs excited to develop agrivoltaics deployment strategies, build deep modeling capabilities for unique or novel technologies, create materials to diffuse community resistance to solar projects, and everything in between. Contact Fundusol to learn more about how we can expedite your solar projects on farmland. 

Regulatory and Community Connection

Navigating regulatory landscapes and gaining community support are critical for the success of solar projects. Fundusol helps developers connect with key regulatory personnel and community members to streamline project approvals and foster local support. We facilitate meetings, provide strategic advice, and help build relationships that are essential for the smooth execution of your projects. 


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