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If you are considering adding solar systems to your land but are unsure how to get started, we are here to help.

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Save Money

Energy costs continue to rise, putting a strain on your company’s finances. Protect your budget from these increases by investing in solar energy.

Concerned about the cost of solar? Unsure about your options? Fundusol can guide you through the process, helping you adopt solar energy and start saving on your energy bills!

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Save Water

Average water prices in the United States have increased by about 50 percent over the last decade.

Agrivoltaics has been shown to increase water retention in crops grown underneath solar panels, saving you money on irrigation. In fact, researchers have found that crops grown with Agrivoltaics retain up to 15% more moisture than those grown without it.

Grow More!

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On top of the irrigation benefits, Agrivoltaics protects your crops from hot and dry growing conditions.

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Hundreds of pilot projects around the world are reaping the benefits of agrivoltaics—boosting yields, cutting water use, and generating extra income.

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We know how important it is for your crops to be healthy. That’s why we create a custom design for your solar project, built for your farm and your farm only. Learn more about our design process here.

Options for Ownership

Direct Ownership Model

This is when the farmer owns the PV system outright. This option involves purchasing and maintaining the solar equipment. The farmer benefits directly from the energy produced and any financial incentives, such as tax credits or rebates.  

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Under a PPA, a third-party developer installs, owns, and operates the PV system on the farmer’s land. The farmer agrees to purchase the electricity generated by the system at a predetermined rate, usually lower than the local utility rate, for a specified period. This option allows the farmer to benefit from solar energy without the upfront costs and maintenance responsibilities.  

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This process is complicated. Our job is to make it easy.

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