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Why Fundusol?

For shade-tolerant crops, such as leafy greens and other vegetables, adequate shading can be crucial. In arid climates, heat stress reduces yields and evaporation depletes irrigation water, leading to revenue loss. Besides the significant value of photovoltaics in sunny regions, agrivoltaics can provide essential shade for the crops below. However, an improper system layout can result in excessive heat or too little light to seep through, negating the benefits of agrivoltaics. This is where Fundusol’s algorithm excels, helping to design the optimal system for any project. 

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Microclimate Modeling

Fundusol’s model operates in three stages. The shadowing model predicts the light distribution across the field throughout the growing season for systems across the United States. The thermal model assesses how the panels and variations in light will influence temperature and humidity at different points beneath the panels. The economic model predicts the net present value (NPV) of the system, helping to ensure that the design is not only environmentally beneficial but also economically viable. 

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Economic Modeling

Our advanced economic modeling seamlessly integrates all the critical elements for both developers and farmers. We possess the capability to predict Net Present Value (NPV), overall revenue, and cost approximations, providing a comprehensive financial outlook. Additionally, our model offers sensitivity analysis on various system specifications, ensuring informed decision-making and optimized project outcomes. 

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Biomass Modeling

Then, the biomass model combines these models with over a dozen additional climate considerations for the chosen location, and forecasts field-scale crop yield and irrigation budget necessary to avoid water stress.

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Solar Modeling

Implementing agrivoltaics can also cool solar panels, improving their efficiency and protecting them from degradation. Fundusol’s holistic approach to agrivoltaic modeling helps developers understand exactly how much their panels will be cooled, and how much more power they’ll generate, even before the system is built.

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By predicting agricultural and solar performance under a system before it’s installed, Fundusol can iterate over millions of possible systems to choose the best design for any project, anywhere. We can even recommend an optimum growing schedule for crops as well as choosing the best system. Want to learn more? Schedule a free software demo with our founders today!

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