Building a Sustainable Future with Agrivoltaics.

Be part of our mission to revolutionize agriculture and energy with advanced computational modeling.

Full-time Internship positions:

Summer, 2024

Develop marketing materials, meet with farmers, and represent Fundusol at AgTech conferences. This role is for those with marketing experience for energy companies, startups or agricultural products.
These may include a user interface for financial projections or a user interface for solar array design. This task requires a proficient understanding of code versioning tools and a good understanding of advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as ReactJS.
You will work with Fundusol's system design team, interface with financial institutions, coordinate with regulatory bodies, and develop relationships with clients to deploy Agrivoltaics systems. This role is for those with past experience in solar project finance, permitting, regulation, site selection, etc. with developers, utilities, or CO-OPs.
Potential projects include (but are not limited to, and will incorporate your suggestions): experimenting with seasonal solar tracking algorithms to maximize agricultural and solar outcomes at any given time; iterating Fundusol’s internal crop yield predictive algorithms across every county in the United States to inform a marketing tool; creating a live visualization tool for Agrivoltaics experimentation and extrapolating results; creating a machine learning tool that improves crop yield prediction. This role is for those with data science, data visualization, or machine learning.
This role is for those with experience working in the simulation space, specifically with Python, MATLAB, R, or C++.
Interns may lead on-site data collection of humidity, temperature, biomass, etc. This role is for those with experience in crop science, operating Agricultural data collection devices, or crop yield model calibration.
Interns will have the opportunity to brainstorm product ideas, rigorously design and model their product, and bring the product to market. This role is for those with experience in electrical engineering, engineering physics, mechanical engineering, or bringing deep-tech products to market.

Part-time Internship positions:

Spring, 2024 | Remote or Pittsburgh

You will have the opportunity to work on one of the following tracks:

  1. Application Development: Collaborate with solar engineers and agricultural scientists to create sophisticated simulation and design platforms for Agrivoltaics. You will be primarily working with Python, with opportunities to learn and apply other technologies.

  2. Web Development: Design and implement customer-oriented websites, serving as a vital interface for farmers, solar developers, and venture capitalists. Your main toolkit will include TypeScript and React, focusing on creating intuitive and responsive user experiences.

  3. Model Engineering: Work closely with software and machine learning experts to develop efficient systems that optimize cost savings for farmers. Your expertise in Python, C++, or C, coupled with a strong grasp of applied machine learning techniques, will be crucial in this endeavor.
Key Responsibilities:
  1. Collaborate with a team of software engineers and data scientists to develop predictive models for Agrivoltaic systems.

  2. Contribute to research and development in ML/AI applications within the agricultural sector.
  1. Research experience in Machine Learning/AI, specifically applied to Agriculture.

  2. Eagerness to learn and contribute to a team focused on sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.
Key Responsibilities:
  1. Develop and implement data visualizations to communicate crop and solar performance.

  2. Work closely with our data team to analyze and interpret complex datasets.
  1. Previous experience or a strong portfolio in data science.

  2. A passion for data visualization and the ability to convey complex information in an understandable manner.