The Fundusol Approach

Optimizing agrivoltaics for your farm

  • Boosting Savings

  • Maximizing Energy

  • Increasing Crop Yield

Boosting Savings

Fundusol partners with developers to bring you the best deals on solar. You pay nothing to install the solar, and your electrical rates will never rise again. To see how much you could make with Fundusol, request your free quote today!


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Maximizing Energy

We use cutting-edge solar technology to harness as much of the sun's power as possible.

  • Bifacial Modules

    In contrast to opaque back-sheeted panels, bifacial panels capture light both directly from the sun and from ground reflection.

    This additional absorbtion boosts energy production by up to 20% while only increasing module costs by 5%. And because cropland has a higher albedo than than bare ground, agrivoltaics augments the energy production of bi-facial modules.

  • Backtracking

    Traditonal, true tracking algorithms for mounted solar arrays treat each row independently. When each row operates without consideration of how the adjacent rows are oriented, solar panels shade each other.

    To avoid the losses associated with such shading, we implement a backtracking aglorithm that deviates the panels from true tracking in cases where such a deviation would increase energy yields.

Increasing Crop Yield

Our algorithm predicts how your crops will perform under different solar arrays, and uses those predictions to tailor a unique system to maximize your farm's yield.