What is agrivoltaics?  

This technology forms the basis of our
plan to help farmers, so
here's a quick explanation!

The basics

Put simply, agrivoltaics is the placement of solar panels above crops.

The science

The shade provided by the solar panels cools the air underneath.

At the same time, the plants' evapotranspiration increases ambient air moisture, which also reduces temperature.

The result is a microclimate effect!

The benefits

Lower temperatures reduce evaporation, which both improves soil quality and reduces the amount of water needed to yield the same crop growth.

Plants act as natural air conditoners so solar can take advantage of sunlight without getting too hot to perform efficiently.

Three more ways agrivoltaics could advance your farm...

  • Energy Freedom

  • Crop & Livestock Protection

  • Drought Mitigation

Energy Freedom

To protect you from...

Electricity Rate Hikes

U.S. residential price of electricity will average 14.9 cents per kilowatthour in 2022 and many Utilities, like PG&E, will hike rates by 20% over the next 3 years

Power Outages

The rate of power outages per year has doubled in the last decade

Agrivoltaics provides you with...

Energy Freedom

Pay a lower rate that never increases for electricity

Energy Reliability

Power your farm with solar during outage events

Crop and Livestock Protection

To protect you from...

Crop Yield Losses

Heat stress devestates harvests

Overheating Livestock

Unmitigated heat stress can cost an average of $264 per cow every year

Agrivoltaics provides you with...

Increased Crop Yield

Agrivoltaics has been shown to increase yield up to 90%

Shading for your Livestock

The microclimate effect eliminates the need for expensive fans

Drought Mitigation

To protect you from...

Rising Water Costs

Water prices have increased 150% since 2019

Drought Insecurity

Water Prices swell to 4x the price per acre-foot during droughts

Agrivoltaics provides you with...

Water-Use Efficiency

Agrivoltaics improves water-use efficiency by up to 157%

Drought Protection

By significantly reducing evaporative loss, agrivoltaics slashes your spending on water during times of scarcity